Audi 4.2 FSI and 3.0T Supercharger kits

Audi RS5 Supercharger Kit

EXCITING TIMES AHEAD - In October 2014 Audi Superchargers UK made the decision to go it alone and develop our own supercharger kits. We have taken this bold decision due to poor quality of service by our previous suppliers which we are sure along with the product we can better. Over the years we have built up a fantastic network of professionals and by bringing some of them together we will be supplying a far superior product and service.

Tushek TS600 supercar launched at Top Marques, Monaco 2014See the latest on the Tushek Supercars TS600 launch in the new Tushek Supercars section.

We are pleased to announce we will be retaining our relationship with Tushek Spiegel and one of first 'white-labdel' projects will be to enhance the cooling system for their supercharger kit. Part of our progression is that we now have the capicity to design and develop any forced induction system required and in the very near future we will be welcoming trade enquiries for further large or small projects.

Audi supercharger parts The emphasis of all our Audi supercharger kits are in this order reliability, torque then horsepower, ensuring you have a smooth increased torque band throughout the complete rev range. All our kits are for the most part simple bolt-on solutions and require no replacement of any other stock components thus we are able to keep your conversion costs down. We also now offer our own in-house ECU software as an addition to any supercharger kit purchase, alternatively if you haev a preferred tuner we have no objection to using them to supply you that side of the conversion.

B7 RS4 4.2 FSI engine bay Our UK dealers have agreed to work with us on the best negotiated flat fee pricing structure whilst supplying a 'drive in, drive out' service that includes everything you'll need to ensure a smooth upgrade. Dealer pricing includes kit purchase, pre installation inspection, installation and a 12-month unlimited mileage warranty. You can guarantee you'll not find better prices or quality of service and support anywhere when modifying your Audi in the UK!

Audi supercharger kit emblem Currently we have a line up of Audi supercharger kits covering from the awesome R8 4.2 FSI producing a V10 slaughtering 670hp (increase of +250hp over stock) / 500+lb-ft torque (+185lb-ft), the B8 RS5 4.2 FSI and B8 RS5 4.2 FSI producing in excess of 500awhp / +500lb-ft, the B7 RS4 and B8 S5 producing +580hp / 480lb-ft. All these kits use the superb Whipple 140AX supercharger.

Check out the Audi Supercharger kits list where you will find comprehensive information relating to the required kit.

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